The Who & Why


Hey there! I’m André Philip, an Azores tour leader and guide, born in and Azores raised, yep that’s right, raised! I live and breath Azores and its nature every second of life. Started guiding life loving travelers and adventurers, like you, around the year 2000 and never looked back. The Azores and traveling are more than a passion and that is why I’m offering to share with you these amazing islands through unique and unforgettable experiences.


I’m an avid supporter and volunteer in different environmental and sustainability projects. Its not just about tourism, its about life and sharing. Because of these facts, all tours are organized in true small groups, just like it would be if it were private tours, but with better prices. I’m also a believer in supporting small family owned businesses, for this reason I’ve been carefully selecting local partners. For all of this reasons I do not offer a simple holiday package, what I offer are moments of feelings with unique experiences through the activities in the most idyllic locations imaginable certified by nature. Azores islands are one the best places for a relaxing and amazing holiday, surrounded and moved by its nature. It is not only for adventure travel, it is for everyone, from a lonely traveler to a family. The tours are recognized by the Azores Govern Environmental department as being Nature Tourism.